Car explosion cover film industry development

Paulson held by the international “China automobile accessories and refit tank exhibition” successfully held since 2005, and has been praised by the stress of industries, admitted as the automobile accessories industry ripening vane, principal the trend of the development of the industry.

Car explosion protection film industry development

On December 10, 2010, by the China automobile circulation fellowship initiated and organization of the Chinese car circulation collaboration car design and supplies professional committee preparing the meeting, held in the monetary Beijing hotel The meeting, China’s circulation association car design and supplies professional committee called China’s boon designed for auto supplies and automotive electronic enterprises into the 4 S inn services of professional committee

China’s auto industry personnel to circulation alliance articles professional committee of the automobile figure and gave us a substantial eminent expectations, hopes professional committee for auto supplies between 4 S shops and build a communication platform of memorandum and regulate auto supplies and automobile sales and distribution of the fit for supplies in car pier 4 S cooler DE standardized service process, charter the auto supplies and 4 S shops can analogue dialogue, moreover hope to become the industry professional committee of benchmarking, hire the auto supplies together through the professional committee colleagues rewrite their competitiveness

4 S shops operation and prolongation in the allot become keenly sensitive topic, subservient the new, about 4 S inn “milk” and “at” the controversy has been continued According to introducing, on feb 24,, in Beijing new ongoing address hall of the top China auto BBS, thesis of “sustainable ripening and future choice” by the department council pregnancy research center and the China automobile circulation association jointly organized. This BBS consign take together government guest, union leadership, industry leaders, scholars and experts further than 600 elite, China automobile consumption, the field policies, under the new occasion of 4 S inn afafir strategies to discuss the industry to radius an agreement, and jointly doctor the incubation of the industry, to millions upon millions of practitioners provide consultation policy support, custom

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Paulson held by the international “China automobile accessories and refit container exhibition” successfully held since 2005, and has been praised by the accent of industry, declared as the automobile accessories industry pregnancy vane, prime the trend of the pregnancy of the industry

February 25,-27 12 th China automobile accessories and refit vat exhibition, the ongoing success moved to new, again become automobile accessories industry the miracle. At the twin instance the exhibition, paulson, auto supplies exhibition cede once again for industry navigation, recently, paulson announced the prime international new “4 S shops for products in the solicitation of”, Main products: car dvd player, in car camera, are with wellbeing sort the blessing occasion the declare opened up “4 S shops for product demonstration in” and “4 S shops for products in negotiation area”, exhibition during three days, for exhibitors and the mass of the thousand 4 S inn invalid total, provides the elite platform for communication, negotiation

Subordinate to 4 S some high-end market, commit he girl such opportunities? One can expand in 4 S inn advantage, borrow 4 S inn channels to boost the brand reputation, front car explosion protection film industry professional image, finished tackle after-sale security system, that see 10 days after the Beijing exhibition in CIAACE absorbing the cloth of hundreds of how many.