Motorola sidekick slide ? comes with high performance and blessing standard accessories

The performance of Motorola sidekick slide is much enhanced and augmented by these accessories. This handset is available in the sell in two colors; burn red and ominous at an affordable emolument The creditable tumult affects, remarkable screen clarity and brightness of the handset has made it widely haunting among the audience

Motorola sidekick slide ? comes with high performance and best quality accessories

Motorola sidekick slide is one of the most beautifully designed handsets and attracts the emphasis of the viewers instantly Loaded with enhanced features comparatively than its predecessors, it has gained comprehensive fame for its beautiful and aesthetic decoration The QWERTY keyboard enhances the usability of the handset and is being included for those who would like to write the documents and correct the duplicate on their moving thus moulding the working standard practicable and fast

Accessories provided with the Handsets include:

Travel charger: This charger is equipped with the integrated chip technology for protecting our moving phone from any circuitry hazards.Car charger: This is also equipped with the IC technology forming it easier to arraign the phone while driving

Speakers: Two types of speakers are included in this, EQ5 portable wireless speakers and EQ7 Hi-fi stereo wireless speakers EQ5 portable wireless orator is highly convenient and has made attainable hands free communiqu through the wireless Bluetooth technology This species of preacher phone is further equipped with fresh advanced facilities of imitator canceling and rumpus abridgement forging it viable to receive the calls even in crowd or noisy places This orator allows the customers to blast the music in whole rumpus and the capability of designate recipience with the prime level orator phone

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This academic is compatible with further Bluetooth stereo facilitated expressive phones. H 505 Bluetooth Headset: It offers vast practice and comfort by using the most foregone innovative design and is designed for those who want a rangy deed at an affordable scope It is weighted lightly and is compatible with additional Bluetooth handsets

Some additional accessories include:

Motorola BZ60 batteryMotorola P790 portable chargerMotorola BR50 action chargerMotorola CH700 mini action charger UKMotorola HT820 Bluetooth stereo headset