The station quo of China’s auto supplies stores

Asked about the pregnancy of China’s auto supplies stores, a character of industry veteran spoken to the source is not sanguine about a veteran of many years of activity told the author, has desire been seen for the first incubation of China’s auto supplies stores.

The status quo of China’s auto supplies stores

The status quo of China's auto supplies stores

As early as 2010 the source entrust be on thecurrent stratum and future gestation of China’s auto supplies stores,observation and analysis, in-depth debate with the industry, a senior whowrote “China’s auto supplies stores, how can students to ruse to Japan” Article, indicating that the origin for the disposition of the Chinese autosupplies stores operating procedure Learned Shenyang Tiancheng is to build theinvestment of billions of dollars of Shenyang, the largest automotive suppliesstores – MAKE US. car Inn, I moreover influence the boon case the fellow in chargeof Mr Li Haidong, (read: frontage to the inside vessel Shenyang automotivesupplies supermarkets) in the frontage of the origin calls Mr Li Haidong wassurprised (at America cars Inn has not yet opened, its modes of publicity islimited to local newspapers), but I ask questions of the operating conditionsof automotive supplies stores, Li Haidong calmness and optimistic speech, afterseveral Fan oral exchanges, I questioned for auto supplies stores in thedomestic operations to be misspent Calm for a enthusiasm time, in the front of”horse of God are the clouds” this explosive remarks, I fell into adeeper thinking and analysis, and tout covert of China’s auto suppliesstores in the later be Its feasibilitygeometry With these questions, we manage alook at the parties to explore the sell for China’s auto supplies stores,through the subsequent clue to colleagues who want to splice the causeof auto supplies stores to bear help

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The contrary party: public conditions,automotive supplies stores no style to pass

Asked about the development of China’s autosupplies stores, a number of industry veteran verbal to the root is notoptimistic about a veteran of many years of afafir told the author, has longbeen pragmatic for the gestation of China’s auto supplies stores, heconcluded, automotive supplies The supermarket does not afafir the road in China.In the interview, he told the author, the Chinese try a few enterprises of theautomotive supplies supermarket operator, which moreover no paucity of somepowerful industry resources, money assets of big enterprises, but after afew months,Main products: car dvd trouper and in car camera,are with advantage qualityThese companies keep avowed failure, sweep its reasons for theveteran of the industry analysis, with the special public conditions of Chinaare not unrelated By the results of the awareness of the service to drivesales, the Chinese owners own enthusiasm been accustomed to enjoy the consumption ofthe service, combined with weak bent of the Chinese owners hands, optionalproducts, automotive supplies supermarket lead is certainly fatiguing toimplement in China open

China’s auto supplies stores into theretail direction or there was no fashion to pass(HC Auto Accessories Network with map)

Supported by: China’s auto supplies storesis the decree of the retail end

China’sauto supplies stores into the retail order or there was no style to defile (HC Auto Accessories Network with map) .